Youth Hostel Introduction

Seoul Olympic Parktel is the best resting and training facility in South Korea for families, office workers, and youths from all over the world.

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  • Youth Hostel Introduction
    • Olympic Youth Hostel has opened its door in September, 1990, in Seoul to utilize youth accommodation facility, vitalize global youth exchange and function as an academic house and now it is the representative youth training facility in the country.
      Olympic Youth Hostel has proudly become the countrys largest hotel-typed youth hostel by successfully holding huge scale sporting events such as the inaugural meeting of the Torino Winter Olympic team, the opening ceremony of the Korea Sports Association for the Disabled, the installation of the Beijing Olympics base camp for Brazil, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Canada, etc., all sorts of ceremonies and domestic and international conferences.
      Approximately 2.76 million people have used the hostel and theyve favored the hostel for its high quality facilities and large quantity of facilities.
    • Practically, Olympic Youth Hostel is often used as filming location of TV dramas and CF. It is the perfect place to appreciate both urban and rural characters because it is located in the Olympic Park, the ecological study and experience site.
      Also, with its close distance to cultural amusement facilities such as Seoul Olympic Museum, SOMA Museum of Art, Lotte World, and to large hospitals like Asan Medical Center, it has equipped the best condition for youth training and education geologically and environmentally.
    • The fact that people can use this clean and pleasant hostel economically is another value that Olympic Youth Hostel possesses. People sometimes can see various athletic stars like Taehwan PARK, Yuna KIM, Miran JANG, Youngcho HWANG, and so forth participating sporting events near Olympic Youth Hostel.
      As of year 2001, Olympic Youth Hostel has started holding about 40 programs such as inviting youth from insular areas and remote villages, youth North Korean defectors, adolescent heads of family, and visiting Olympic cultural areas program. It has offered constant caring and passion to foster sound youth culture for the future generation of the country and will proceed to develop a lot more youth promoting programs and put in action.
      Especially, the Meeting with Celebrities was the opportunity of meeting celebrities like Daniel Henney and Hines Ward, who have overcome social prejudice and discrimination and succeeded in their career. The event encouraged youth in difficult situation to have dreams and courage and attracted heated attention from the public.
  • Operation Ideology

    Cultivating capability to foster sound youth and balanced development as a youth cultural space (school excursion, sporting activities, artistic activities, club activities, nature exploration, history trip, etc.)

  • Operation Objectives
    • 1. Completing the responsibility as a utility company by putting customer respect and corporate ethic first in operation
    • 2. Becoming the countrys representative youth training facility and attraction spot focusing on international exchange
    • 3. Reinforcing its function for the public good by accomplishing social responsibility through community return programs