Recreational Facilities

The guests can find various recreational facilities around Seoul Olympic Parktel.

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  • Sculpture Park

    Sculpture Park
    Within the Olympic Park area ranging about 1,421,000, there are total 204 sculptures and 8 three-dimensional artworks and it is one of the Top 5 sculpture parks in the world
  • SOMA Museum of Art

    SOMA Museum of Art
    The Seoul Olympics Museum of Art (SOMA) has opened its door in September, 2004, by Korea Sports Promotion Foundation to foster artistic emotional cultivation of the people and it is the cultural and artistic space open for the public.
    The museum holds international prominent exhibitions, supports young artists creative works, and conducts diverse cultural events for the citizen.
  • Seoul Olympic Museum

    Seoul Olympic Museum
    The Seoul Olympic Museum is established to commemorate the 24th Seoul Olympic Games, the most successful Olympic Games in history, and has educational displays and symbolic sculptures.
    The guests staying at Seoul Olympic Parktel get free admission to the museum and watch a big box office hit movie at the family theatre for free.
  • Acupressure Walk

    Acupressure Walk
    The Acupressure Walk is located below the zelkova tree in the corner of Olympic Plaza A-dong next to the Peace Square in the Olympic Park. Its total length is 53.4m and the Taegeuk pattern of the path leads the way in a circular formation. Also, it has an acupressure space installed with red clay balls in the center of the walk and is famous for its excellent acupressure effects.
  • Experience and Study Places

    Experience and Study Places
    Within the Olympic Park, there are places that students and their families can experience and study the glorious history of Baekje Era such as the Mongchontoseong and the Mongchon Dugout Huts.
  • Baekje Dynasty Cultural Area

    Baekje Dynasty Cultural Area
    Mongchontoseong is located on the Han River tributary. It has its ramparts made of clay soil on the natural hill mainly at the elevation of 44.8m. Its northern wall platform is built with wooden fences and the moat is filled outside the fortress.
    Many kinds of relics from the Baekje Era have been excavated and the area is the precious historic site for study and research on the era.
  • Hodori Train

    Hodori Train
    By taking Hodori Train, the guests can enjoy the green landscape spotted with the glory of the 24th Seoul Olympic Games.
    The train runs every corner of the Olympic Park 3km one-way and 6 km return trip.
  • Mongchon Moat Musical Fountain

    Mongchon Moat Musical Fountain
    The cool fountain water sprouts up to 30m high and changes its formation into 14 different shapes with 14,000 sorts of fantastic performance according to total 140 songs.
    (operating every year from early April to late October, from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.)
  • Peace Square

    Peace Square
    The Peace Square ranging about 28,000 is widely spread in front of the World Peace Gate. The square is diversely used by youth and the citizen as the cultural and artistic space, the social sports events, and the field trip place.