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The guests can visit various tour destinations around Seoul Olympic Parktel.

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  • Amsa-dong Prehistoric Settlement Site

    Amsa-dong Prehistoric Settlement Site
    The Amsa-dong Prehistoric Settlement Site is one of the Neolithic remains in the country situated in Amsa-dong, Gangdong-gu in Seoul. The place is consisted of massive dugout huts and shows the lifestyle of the Neolithic Era (3,000 ~ 4,000 B.C.). It represents a huge community whose people lived in groups at one place.
  • The Banks of the Han River

    The Banks of the Han River
    Along the banks of the Han River, there are large-scale sports and leisure facilities which provide daily sports activities such as the Juvenile Sports Arena where young people enjoy playing basketball and inline skating, the Outdoor Swimming Pools where people appreciate lakeside scenery and sunlight, and the Nature Study Field where children learn about the nature with their families. Also, by taking the cruise ship from the Jamsil dock, the guests can enjoy the night view of Seoul.
  • Lotte World

    Lotte World
    The Lotte World is so-called Koreas Disney Land. Unlike any other amusement parks with lots of rides, the Lotte World is a theme park organized according to certain themes and the boarding facilities, buildings, performance, parades, food and souvenir shops are arranged by the themes
  • Misari Regatta Course

    Misari Regatta Course
    The Misari Regatta Course holds international rowing and canoeing competitions. Its wide grass field and luxuriant forest accommodates a football field, a basketball court, a volleyball court, and other various athletic facilities as well as the bicycling, hiking, and jogging trail. The place is also favored for family meetings, small group sports events, and all sorts of picnics
  • COEX

    The COEX is a massive top business events destination where people can experience domestic and foreign exhibitions. The COEX Mall is the largest underground shopping mall in Asia. It acts as a healthy playground and cultural space for youth and offers diverse food from all over the world and fun events every day.
  • Jamsil Sports Complex

    Jamsil Sports Complex
    The Jamsil Sports Complex has large stadiums like the Olympic Stadium, Jamsil Baseball Stadium, the 1st Indoor Swimming Pool, the 2nd Indoor Swimming Pool, Jamsil Arena and others such as Auxiliary Stadium, Operation Division of Sport for All and Jamsil Students Gymnasium. It also has the Sports Park and other various athletic facilities. Recently, it holds massive domestic and foreign concerts, international sport competitions, and diverse events.
  • Han River Ferry Cruise

    Han River Ferry Cruise
    The Han River is the natural site in the city and, after launching its cruise ship, the place is crowded with local visitors and foreign travelers to take a rest and travel. The view of the beautiful bridges over the Han River is as competitive as an art exhibit. Its nightscape is so wonderful that nowhere else can be found like this.
  • Aquarium

    The visitors to the aquarium can have the very close look at beautiful coral reefs, tropical fish, and even man-eating sharks without underwater equipment. Also the visitors can actually touch them!
    The Aquarium is the biggest aquarium in the country applied the state-of-the-art technology.
  • Korean Folk Village

    Korean Folk Village
    The Korean Folk Village is an outdoor folk village that is built to reserve and promote traditional Korean culture. It is an excellent place for Korean children to learn their ancestors firsthand and for foreign visitors to experience Korean folk culture as a tourist attraction.
  • Everland

    Everland is South Koreas largest and best theme park. It is the land of festivals for 365 days. There are 4 main festivals held every year: the Korean traditional culture festival, Hope Hanmadang, the 10 million flower displaying in spring, Flower Carnival, the sweltering heat busting festival in summer, Summer Splash, the enjoyable party with families, Happy Halloween, and the romantic winter story festival, Christmas Holiday Fantasy.
  • Gyeongbokgung

    The Gyeongbokgung is a royal palace and was the main palace in Joseon Dynasty. The palace leans towards Mt. Bukak and the wide yukjo-geori (street of six ministries) lies in front of the Gwanghwamun. The palace was the heart of the capital city, Hanyang (todays Seoul), and it is now the best palace in the country.
  • Cheongwadae

    The Cheongwadae (pavilion of blue tiles) is the official name of the executive office and official residence of the South Korean head of state. The place also refers to the overall complex of buildings that conduct state affairs.
  • National Museum of Korea

    National Museum of Korea
    The National Museum of Korea has about 135,000 items in possession and 18 permanent exhibition halls with about 5,000 artifacts displayed. The ground floor contains Buddhist artworks, handicrafts, and historical arts. The first floor exhibits all sorts of ceramic works made in Goryeo and Joseon era. The second floor displays various kinds of relics and artworks from the prehistoric times and the Three Kingdoms era.
  • N Seoul Tower

    N Seoul Tower
    The N Seoul Tower located in Mt. Nam is the heart of Seoul, the symbol of Seoul, and the highest place of Seoul overlooking the most beautiful landscape in Seoul. It offers a great resting place for the citizen with its nature and a tourist spot for foreign visitors.
  • National Assembly

    National Assembly
    The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea is the place where the member of the National Assembly discusses the state affairs. It conducts legislation, bill examination, investigation and inspection, and parliamentary diplomacy. It consists of the Speaker, 17 standing committees, 3 special committees and other committees.
  • 63city

    The 63City is the third tallest building in the country. It has an observation deck (63 Golden Tower), a large aquarium (63 SeaWorld), an IMAX theater (24mx20m mega screen) and other fascinating facilities.