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Accommodation Reservation

  • Get 20% off by reserving via online. (applied to individual guests)
  • A long-term guest (1 week or more) gets internet access
    at the business center free of charge.
  • Please call TEL : +82-2-410-2514 for the day's reservation.
  • Terms of Use

    Accommodation Terms

    • Article 1 (Application of the Terms)
      • ① The accommodation terms and related contracts that Seoul Olympic Parktel (or herein referred to as “Olympic Parktel”) make is according to this Terms of Use and other conditions that are not shown on this Terms of Use shall be accordance with the law and custom.
      • ② Olympic Parktel shall accept a special contract within the limit of the intent of the terms, laws, and custom.
    • Article 2 (Refusal of Room Reservation)

      Olympic Parktel can refuse a room reservation in the circumstances when;

      • 1. the room inquiry doesn’t apply to this Terms of Use
      • 2. there is no room available due to full house
      • 3. the guests are considered to violate accommodation terms and regulations, disturb public order, and harm the traditional custom
      • 4. the guests are explicitly acknowledged to have contagious disease
      • 5. Olympic Parktel shall have demanding requests more than necessary
      • 6. affected by the force majeure such as natural disasters and maintenance breakdown
      • 7. the guests are carrying of illegal firearms
      • 8. the guests are admitted not acceptable to accommodation by the laws of Republic of Korea
    • Article 3 (Reporting Personal Details)

      Olympic Parktel can request the guests who book for a room the following personal information;

      • 1. name, gender, nationality, occupation, permanent address, passport number, etc.
      • 2. other details that Olympic Parktel approves to be necessary
    • Article 4 (Deposit)

      Olympic Parktel shall request the guests 10% deposit of accommodation rates of intended length of stay when receiving the reservation. When the cancellation charge occurs, the deposit will be applied to the charge and the balance will be refunded.

    • Article 5 (Cancellation Policy)

      Except as otherwise agreed, Olympic Parktel shall cancel a reservation in the circumstances when;

      • 1. it is applicable to the Refusal of Room Reservation
      • 2. the reported personal details at the time of booking or staying turn out to be false
      • 3. the guests fail to make payment for deposit
      • 4. the intended guests fail to check in until 22:00 of the day without previous notice
    • Article 6 (Cancellation Charge)

      When cancelled the whole or part of reservation by the guests, Olympic Parktel shall charge the cancellation fee according to the custom of trade as follows;

      • 1. Individual Guests (F.I.T)
        • a. when cancelled 1 day before arrival, 20% or so of room rate
        • b. when cancelled on the day of arrival or no-show, 30% or so of room rate
        • c. when cancelled 2 days before arrival, 10% of room rate
    • Article 7 (Registration)

      The guests should report to Olympic Parktel front desk on their arrival and fill in their personal details such as names on the registration card.

    • Article 8 (Room Rate Assessment)
      • ① Room rates are on the basis of the rates from the arrival of the guests till their departure, which is from the time when the registration card is received till the room key is returned, and the checking-out time is 12:00 P.M.
      • ② The extra charge will be applied when the reserved stay shall extend as follows;
        • 1. before 17:00 : 50% of room rate
        • 2. after 17:00 : full charge of room rate
      • ③ Room rates less than staying 24 hours will be applied as follows;
        • 1. when checking-in before 12:00 P.M. and staying less than 5 hours : separately appointed rate
        • 2. when checking-in after 12:00 P.M. and checking-out before 17:00 : separately appointed rate
        • 3. when checking-out after the above informed time : full charge of regular rate
      • ④ When the room capacity should be exceeded by reason of the guests, separately appointed rate will be charged per person and when it should be under the capacity, the regular room rate will be applied.
    • Article 9 (Payment)
      • ① When checking-out or requested to pay from Olympic Parktel, the guests should make the payment to a front desk cashier by cash, credit card, or voucher issued or appointed by Olympic Parktel.
      • ② The guests shall notify a front desk cashier to balance the fee 1 day before checking-out in order to prevent any inconvenient incident on payment.
      • ③ The guests after completing the registration must pay for the room rate even without staying whether owing to unavoidable or arbitrary circumstances.
    • Article 10 (Room Key Acquisition and Return)
      • ① The guests receive the room key from a front desk when registration and return the key to a front desk cashier along with the payment.
      • ② When lost the room key during their stay, the guests should immediately report to the front desk, reissue the room key, and use the key.
    • Article 11 (Refusal of Further Stay)

      Olympic Parktel can refuse the guests to stay longer even during their contracted period under the circumstances when;

      • 1. applied the Article 2 Term 3 to Term 8
      • 2. Olympic Parktel regulations are violated
    • Article 12 (Accommodation Responsibility)
      • ① The Accommodation Responsibility of Olympic Parktel starts when the guests complete the registration at Olympic Parktel front desk or when the guests are guided to their rooms and finishes when the guests leave the rooms.
      • ② Olympic Parktel shall not be responsible under any circumstances for the accidents caused by the guests violating the regulations and terms of Olympic Parktel.
    • Article 13 (Room Regulations Observance)

      The guests should observe the room regulations separately prescribed by Olympic Parktel.

    • Article 14 (Service Hours)

      The Service Hours of facilities in Olympic Parktel are separately noticed and can be flexible at any times as they may change.

    • Notices for the Guests

      Olympic Parktel has set the regulations below for the guests to observe in order to secure safety and protect the public interest.

      • 1. The guests staying in one of Olympic Parktel rooms should fill in the registration card the personal details at the front desk according to the laws of hotel industry.
      • 2. Olympic Parktel shall not allow following items and behaviors;
        • a. using electric heating appliance such as iron and heating apparatus in a room
        • b. smoking on the bed or in any other places vulnerable to cause fire
        • c. bringing animals, birds, etc. (including pets)
        • d. carrying guns, swords, gunpowder, gasoline and any other inflammables
        • e. gambling, breaching public interest, and careless words and behaviors affecting other guests
        • f. visiting the guests in Olympic Parktel after 22:00
        • g. using the lobby as a showroom
        • h. distributing advertising materials to the guests in Olympic Parktel
        • i. ordering or bringing food outside Olympic Parktel
        • j. using a room against the purpose of accommodation (cooking, gambling, etc.)
      • 3. Olympic Parktel keep lost goods or left laundry for up to 3 months after the guests’ checking-out without any requests and after 3 months the items will be handled according to its regulations.
      • 4. The guests shall observe the following regulations on using facilities and equipment in Olympic Parktel.
        • a. Do not use the equipment other than its nature of use.
        • b. Do not take the equipment outside Olympic Parktel.
        • c. Do not move the equipment to other places or alter the equipment.
      • 5. The guests shall inform the front desk of their checking-out beforehand.
      • 6. The guests must check in their valuables to the front desk safety deposit room. Olympic Paktel shall not be responsible for any goods that are not checked in. The safety deposit room is free of charge.
      • 7. Please do not come out of the rooms with wearing pajamas or slippers.

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